Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ikea Family Live Magazine

Have you seen Ikea's online monthly magazine called Live? I'm a fan. Once a month, I get an email from Ikea reminding me that a few new "articles" have posted. It's a collection of images of Ikea members' homes, products and clever ideas. It's not too overwhelming, though, like I find most online magazines to be. The May issue has 5 little stories. Not much, but enough to be inspired.

A few months back, I saw this clever use for an old crib. Today I found this.

Yes, I've posted about turning bookcases into dollhouses before. But what's new about this is the way the background is being utilized and the whole wall is in on the fun. I'm loving the fabric house, chimney, birds and cloud. The mix matched patterns blend together well. I'm especially a fan of the handwriting. Wouldn't it be a sweet detail to include an enlarged note from a loved one either framed or as a backdrop like this somewhere in your home?

For more inspiration from Live, click here.

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