Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Using a Crib

Although they're small, babies need a lot of stuff. Big stuff, too. Take the crib, for instance. It's necessary in those early years but what to do with the crib when your child has moved on to the big girl or big boy bed? Find a new use for it!

Turning the crib into a workspace for kids is a genius idea. I wish I knew the source for this but unfortunately I don't. A friend had found it on Pinterest a while back and sent it to me.

And while I found the desk image last year, I couldn't think of a good way to reuse the crib mattress but Ikea just did. Check out what they did in their monthly online magazine:

See the crib mattress? It's the headboard! Wrapped in fabric and propped behind the bed, it's a great solution for a queen size bed. So clever, creative and affordable. Versatile, too – whenever you want to update the look, just switch out the fabric for something fresh and new! 


top image via Pinterest
bottom image via Ikea Family Live Magazine

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