Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bookcase Options

Lots of people have hardworking bookcases in their homes. My Ikea shelving unit was purchased years ago. I first used it as a room divider in my studio apartment.

I pushed it against the wall and used it as a storage/display unit in my next apartment

There are lots of ways to style a bookcase (sparse and airy, filled with boxes, color-coded, etc) but I recently came across two ways that I am loving right now.

Idea #1 is from an apartment featured in Elle Decor a few months ago. Space in each cubby has been fully maximized by cleverly arranging books horizontally and vertically. It's a great solution for all of that leftover space that usually accompanies a row of pretty (though usually short) lined up books.

Here is idea #2 and I think it it is genius -- converting your bookcase into a dollhouse!

Land of Nod's short and wide 6-cube bookcase case is perfect for this but I think my big Ikea shelving unit could work well, too. It would be more like a condo apartment in an urban hi-rise than the traditional "house" but wouldn't that be fabulous, too? One cubby could be a studio apartment, two stacked cubbies could be a duplex.  Oh, the possibilities!


photo credits from top
Jess Fox
The Pink Chalkboard

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