Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yellow Houndstooth

When I was a little girl, my house was filled with colors and patterns.  My mom has a keen eye for graphic patterns and decor that packs a punch.  She was really into wallpapers, too.  After all, it was the early '80s.

A while back, I posted about the Marimekko wallpaper that was in my bedroom.  Bold, geometric and metallic wallpaper was in the kitchen, a graphic animal safari covered the walls of the bathroom, and my parents' room was wall to wall yellow houndstooth.

Here's me at age 2 not at all appreciating my surroundings.

As a teenager, I remember making fun of some of these wallpaper selections and kidded my mom about it.  Now, though, I appreciate my mom's decorating style and ahead-of-her-time love of all things graphic and cool.  

Check out what I just found in the latest Home Decorators Collection catalog!

This houndstooth rug is striking in its simplicity.  It's a well-known pattern but not one that is seen a lot, at least not in home decor.  The rug is available in 4 color options but my personal favorite is -- without a doubt -- the yellow.


top image by The Pink Chalkboard

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