Thursday, January 12, 2012


Over the past year I've been noticing a design trend in which furniture and home accessories look like they are, well...half-painted.

I first spotted this idea on Urban Outfitter's website. They often feature their bedding with a half-painted iron headboard, like this:

So charming and just different enough to make you pause and take notice.

And then I started seeing other pieces, like this table from West Elm...

or this whimsical alternative from Curtis Popp...

and even these chairs.

This trend doesn't seem to be stopping at furniture, either. Check out these baskets:

While the basket in the image above is made out of different materials, I think it follows the same idea.

Even tabletop items are looking half-painted. Take a look at this cup and saucer set with the fun handle. Isn't this pop of color fun?

And because I love all things silverware (featured here and here), I thought it would be perfect to finish my little collection with this half-painted serving set. A playful take on a traditional design.

I really hope we see more of this half-painted trend in 2012. I think it's a great way of showing the beauty in something that is unfinished. 


images from top to bottom via Urban OutfittersWest ElmCPopp WorkshopWharfsideMartha StewartAreaware, and the MoMA store

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  1. I love that silverware! So cool! (Becca)


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