Monday, July 25, 2011

Inspired by Silverware

I love all things silverware.

We use a set of my grandmother's silver as our everyday flatware. (We also use a mix of vintage china pieces that used to belong to several of our relatives. My great aunt Edna's china is pictured below).

The placemat peaking out in the above photo was made out of printed paper from Paper Source that I trimmed to size and laminated. 

We also have fork and spoon decals on our backsplash.

And this dainty tea towel hangs in front of our oven:

above images by The Pink Chalkboard

So imagine my delight with these chandeliers that I recently discovered at Interieurs:

Brocante Chandelier

Brocante Chandelier (single tier)

Brocante Rectangular Chandelier

I think this lighting is so beautiful and would be a really whimsical accent in a dining room. 

Another silverware-inspired product that I love is this cutlery designed in an antique silhouette, but made out of wood! Seletti's Not Plastic Cutlery is packaged with a cloth napkin in an adorable pouch that reminds me of my tea towel pictured above. 

image via Quirk Gallery

I have had my eye on these Dining Room Measuring Spoons from Anthropologie. These beauties should be displayed on a little hook in the kitchen...definitely too cute to be kept in a drawer!

image via Anthropologie

And finally, this rubber stamp from Paper Source is the perfect little embellishment for dinner party invitations, napkins, or tags.

image by The Pink Chalkboard (featuring my grandmother's china)

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