Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dear Boden

Dear Boden,

Your colors and patterns are amazing -- please open a home furnishings line!

I just received your Autumn 2011 catalog and while your clothes look fantastic, it's these two pages that really captured my eye:

Love that lamp, that couch, that old-school phone.

Here are some favorite clothing items in the catalog.  Wouldn't these patterns be great on upholstered chairs?

My interest in your fun and vibrant patterns didn't just start now.  A few months ago, I posted about some pretty patterned luggage in a different catalog of yours.

Domino magazine used to have an article each month titled "Can this outfit be turned into a room?".  This would be the perfect outfit for that.  That bright green skirt tempered by a soft navy sweater accented with sparkly details and a tiny hit of coral -- so special.  It would make for a unique and highly personalized space (and a great feature in your next catalog).

And while I really want to see furniture and home decor items, making bow ties would be awesome, too.

all images via Boden

Thank you,

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