Monday, August 8, 2011

Duke & Winston

As we mentioned in our posts about the Philadelphia Design Awards, there is so much great design in Philadelphia. One of the ways I notice this the most is just by walking around the city and admiring the great branding for local shops and restaurants.

I have been obsessed with this logo for a few months now.

image via Rob Marshbank 

I think the logo for apparel company Duke & Winston, designed by Rob Marshbank, is amazing and I can't help but admire the illustration of Duke, the bulldog. How can I resist? This little guy is wearing a top hat!

I also can't get enough of that ampersand.

You can see more of Rob Marshbank's work here. Duke & Winston's clothing is also really fun, inventive, and of course beautifully designed. You can find their retail site here. And if you ever happen to email Duke & Winston, the reply message is even from "The Duke Himself." Very thoughtful branding.

Well done!

(Have you spotted some great logos in Philadelphia too? Let us know! We would love to feature them!)

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