Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shimmery Bathtubs

Free standing bathtubs are gorgeous. Bathtubs clad in glossy tiles or metallics are even more beautiful...shimmering...and completely unexpected.

Consider this Mosaic Waterglass bathtub in black.

bathtub by PSCBATH; image via houzz

Or this shimmery gold and white bathtub.

bathtub by PSCBATH; image via houzz

(By the way, how incredible is that view? Kind of wish I was there right now!)

This copper version from Waterworks, is really amazing too. I love that the interior is metallic silver. The uneven texture takes away some of the shine, but certainly not the impact!

image via Waterworks

There are so many wonderful free standing bathtubs in silver too.

The UFO tub by Agape Design is shiny and futuristic.

bathtub by Agape Design; image via Elle Decor

My favorite is the more traditional soaker tub in a shimmery silver. It looks fantastic in any design, as seen in the different bathrooms below.

Light and bright...

by Basil Walter Architects; image via houzz


from the home of Andrew Fisher and Jeffry Weisman; image via Elle Decor; photographed by Grey Crawford

Clean and simple...

by Gast Architects; image via houzz

Luxe and feminine...

posted by sweet dreams on houzz

And my favorite...

Shimmery, shiny, and beautiful. And oh, paired with that mirror! Simply stunning. 

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