Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pretty Patterned Luggage

I recently received the Boden Summer 2011 catalog.  Mindy posted about a gorgeous scarf from Boden a few weeks ago but looking at the new catalog today, a different kind of thing caught my eye.  Check out that luggage!

It got me thinking -- couldn't this be a DIY project?  I often see old suitcases for sale at flea markets and yard sales.  Imagine buying one or two of them and then covering them with patterned paper. I think the key to this, though, is finding a suitcase with the right shape.  The suitcases here look especially good since the brown edges of the original suitcase are exposed.  I think it makes it look even more modern that way.

I imagine a stack of pretty patterned luggage beautifying the corner of a living room but also being highly functional as storage space for throws, magazines, etc.

I'm officially adding old suitcases to my mental list of things to look for the next time I pass by a yard sale.


  1. I agree! I love how they turned out and I am trying to find the perfect patterned paper.
    Have you done this yet?

  2. I've yet to try this since I haven't found the perfect suitcase but if you are looking for good patterned paper, here's a suggestion -- Paper Source (www.paper-source.com). They have a wonderful selection.

    Good luck! Please send photos of the finished product!


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