Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Master Bedroom Redo

Last week, I showed a sneak peek into my bedroom and today's post has more images.

I don't have too many before images. (This has happened so many times before – I get an idea and quickly want to try it out, not thinking that it will be a big deal or enough of a transformation that it will merit a "before" photo to be taken. Of course when I'm done, I wish had taken that before shot.) Oh well, this pic will have to do.

The room is a bit of an awkward shape and we were limited with where we could put the bed. I always like walking into a room and seeing the bed in front of you so in this case, that meant tucking the bed into the window nook. Luckily it was a perfect fit. My painted dressers then went across from the bed, a desk and chair was to the left of the bed and an empty space was to the right. It wasn't a lot of furniture for the size of the room but it was all we needed. An upholstered chair for a reading nook would have been nice but I knew that all it would become was a place to pile clothes. It would have been a waste of money and it just wasn't necessary.

Moving the furniture around turned out to be all that was needed. Now the first thing you see when you walk up the stairs and into the room is the desk and upholstered chair. It's much more welcoming than the empty space that was there before.

The bedding is all new. West Elm's stripe sheet set and the yellow and white graphic pillows make the bed feel fresh and new. Unlike my original bedding plans, I decided against the gray blanket and lumbar pillow. But the beauty of this bedding is that it's simple to change up. Maybe come fall I'll want an extra blanket. Or a different color throw pillow. The gray and white palette is so easy to work with.

The dressers moved to the wall to the left of the bed and the Franz Kline inspired art moved with it. The canvas is leaning on the dressers for now but in this location, I think it will look better hung on the wall. It's on my list of things to do.

As for the wall opposite the bed, it is big and gray and just asking to become a gallery of art. I've wanted to start my own collection for a while now. I have admired many artists for years but haven't actually purchased any pieces for myself yet. So now is the time. I'm excited.

P.S. Want to see some of the art we've blogged about lately? Click here.


photos by The Pink Chalkboard

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