Friday, April 26, 2013


How many times do you look through catalogs and get stopped in your tracks by the beauty of an item you see in front of you? For me, it's not that often. Sure, I see lots of pretty things but everything usually tends to be somewhat similar to something I've seen before.

Have you heard of Arhaus? I recently started getting mailings from them and now I just got my first catalog. Take a look at this beauty.

So unique and interesting-looking. I'm hoping it's comfortable to sit on. I definitely want to go to their store and test it out.

Other items that caught my eye are this ottoman

and this pendant.

Factory carts are all the rage these days but this tv stand and that console table are two slightly different takes on the style.

And then there is this tv console that is industrial in style but is more clean and streamlined than those items with big wheels on them. Chances are something like this will be a little less trendy and a bit more timeless.

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