Monday, April 29, 2013

Philly Flea Market

On weekends and days off, you can usually find me hunting for treasures. Where do I go when it's not a Clover Market weekend? Well, I make the rounds of my favorite local thrift and antique stores and when I have a few free hours, I like to head over to the Philly Flea Market.

The Philly Flea Market is interesting because it moves around. After staying indoors during the winter at a former FedEx facility at 9th & Spring Garden Streets, the market heads outside to different locations across the city during the warmer months. Yesterday's destination was Head House Square, where I spent the afternoon treasure hunting. The weather was absolutely gorgeous—perfect for marketing and the place was packed! Here are a bunch of photos from the day.

First, some exterior photos to set the scene. Head House Square is an awesome place for this type of event.

Now for some things that caught my eye.

Our friend Becca collects vintage mesh purses like the one pictured below, so I always look out for these special bags at flea markets. 


I can't get enough of old rotary telephones, typewriters, glass bottles, and gorgeous pieces of china. 

There were a bunch of these cool plumbing fixtures that caught my eye. Maybe I could somehow repurpose the water spigots into hooks? I need to think about that a bit more...

I was also looking at these handmade tapestries. The colors were phenomenal! I am thinking that something like this would add a lot of warmth and interest to my decorating scheme.

Pieces of type are always a good find. This vendor had a really nice selection.

Jillian posted about using an abacus as wall art and this one reminded me of her. A much more muted color palette here than the one she chose, but I still think it has a lot of graphic impact. 

I fell in love with this rocking horse. I actually found a wooden horse just like this months and months ago at an estate sale and didn't realize it was part of a larger toy until yesterday. It's just amazing what you can find out there.

There was also a nice variety of vintage clothing and jewelry for sale. I was actually really impressed with the selection and if you like vintage jewelry, the Philly Flea Market is definitely a good source. 

So, that's my little recap! Next week's market is at Eastern State Penitentiary (which sounds crazy cool) and a vendor told me it's one of the biggest all year. I hope to check it out! 

You can find more about the Philly Flea Market here and this is the 2013 schedule. Happy hunting!


all images via The Pink Chalkboard

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