Thursday, April 25, 2013

Clover Market Finds: Doll House Fossils

The last seller I would like to share with you from last week's Clover Market is Kim Malm of Doll House Fossils. This artist's style is a perfect fit for The Pink Chalkboard—hand stitched and painted artwork of interiors! The detail and composition of her work is fascinating. I love the layouts, too. A bunch of my favorites are pictured below. 

So unique and different, right? Kim Malm has a great body of work which can be seen here, and you can purchase pieces on Etsy or Sachi. Design goodness, indeed. 

That just about wraps up my little preview of Clover Market. Of course there were so many vendors that I loved and didn't get a chance to include, but pictures of last week's Market can be found here. If you have a few minutes, it really is worth checking them out to see all of the amazing finds! Clearly my posts have barely even scratched the surface. And it looks like some of the very first images are from one of my all time favorite (and original) Clover Market vendors, Nannygoat Antiques! It was so hard not to buy everything I saw...

It also sounds like Clover Market will be in Chestnut Hill (Philadelphia) this fall. You can bet we'll be there! This post has more details. 


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