Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Viva Terra's Versatile Items

I love a good multifunctional piece. And while perusing the latest issue of Viva Terra, a found a bunch.

Items like this aluminum stool. I have 3 silver stools similar to this in my home. They are surprisingly versatile – as a side table next to the couch, as movable outdoor furnishings, even as extra seating. (I actually have the medium size hammered drum in my family room. I found it a year or two ago at Home Goods before I had even heard of Viva Terra!)

This clean-lined foldaway desk would be lovely in an entryway. The top of the desk opens to reveal a writing surface and secret storage space. The stool is perfect for the desk but when placed in an entryway is also a great place to put on shoes before you walk out the door.

This wooden easel was designed to hold a tablet and would be great mounted in the kitchen. Equally lovely, though, would be to use this as a perch for a small framed image or as a little rotating gallery for kids artwork.

What versatile home items have you found lately? Please share!

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