Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cotton Ball String Lights

Is it spring yet? It's that time of year when I can't wait for winter to turn to spring and I long for warm weather. I just discovered these cotton ball string lights and they have me dreaming of hot summer nights. I don't know where these have been and why I haven't noticed them before, but I can't imagine an outdoor scene without them! Just take a look at these bright and colorful concoctions. 

Even in white, this lighting is enchanting.

And while I've been thinking of outdoor decor, The Modern Baby shows these string lights as an accessory in a child's room. I might love this idea even more!

See what I mean? Seriously cute. These cotton ball string lights have quickly made it to the top of my Spring decorating list.


Graham and Green
The Modern Baby
Project Decor
ThaiLights via Etsy
Ginew via Etsy
The Modern Baby

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