Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Top Picks: Viva Terra

Do you get a lot of catalogs sent to you? I do. There are a few that I signed up for, a few that started coming after I made an online purchase years ago, and then a few come from places I have never heard of. One of those never before heard of catalogs — Viva Terra — just arrived and I am in love.

Pretty furniture, lighting, plants and storage solutions.

And here's the best part -- these hammered drum tables.

I have one of these in my home but it definitely didn't come from here. I found it at Home Goods for a fraction of the price and I love it. It's the perfect height to hold a drink next to the couch or to use as an extra seat. It's lightweight and adds a little sparkle to the room. I was always curious where it came from originally and now I know.

top image, clockwise from top left: 
astral lights
bling chair
round metal hanging shelf
tangerine bonsai

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