Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thinking About Ironing Board Covers

I truly believe that the little details in your home are important and that functional items can (and should be) be pretty. Ironing boards are often overlooked by retailers and there just are not a lot of nice options available to us.

A couple of years ago Home Goods sold ironing board covers in lots of great patterns. I picked one up and loved it until I accidentally let the iron sit on it a bit too long which resulted in an ugly burn mark. I eventually tossed it and bought a very utilitarian option from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. (Unfortunately Home Goods no longer carried any of the fun options I had seen before.)

It probably would have been fine but I see this item every day and it just bugs me that is ugly! Plus I have these images of perfect laundry rooms whirling around in my brain. 

So, I was really happy (and relieved) when an email from West Elm popped up in my inbox last week featuring the patterns pictured below. 

Don't they look so nice? I immediately ordered this one and it arrived today. Love! And guess what? They are super affordable at only $19!

I also found these really great options on Etsy for a just $24. So pretty, right?

They (almost) make me want to iron!

Believe it or not, ironing boards and covers are a popular item to pin on Pinterest! Check out these images here. And if you are in the mood for a DIY, I found a few tutorials, too. This one is my favorite.

Thanks for bearing with me and my little rant about ironing board covers. I know this is not a glamorous post but I just love finding good-looking options for household items and wanted to share!

P.S. Looking for some other beautifully-designed functional supplies? Check out Jillian's post here.


Laundry Room by Sarah Richardson, photographed by Stacey Brandford, via The Globe and Mail
A laundry room featured in Domino Magazine via The Vancouver Sun
Cotton Ironing Board Covers via West Elm
Ironing Board Covers from City Chic Country Mouse via Etsy

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