Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beds and Bookshelves

While researching images for my post about white bedrooms, I found this image on Houzz, and it got me thinking...

Sometimes you don't have a lot of flexibility with a room's size and function, especially in an older home, where a room once used as a library or an office is now a bedroom. Taking on that challenge, I think the placement of this bed in front of a window and built-in bookshelves, in a very simple color scheme, is a great solution.

Intrigued, I found some other good examples that illustrate the "bed in front of a bookcase" concept.

Sometimes a room is asymmetrical and I like how the designer worked around that in the image below. 

Here, the texture of a wall-to-wall bookcase is achieved through the use of wallpaper. So clever!

Maybe you aren't working with built-in architectural details and don't want to wallpaper your space. You can still have achieve a similar look and feel, like the room pictured below. I love this antique bookshelf behind a very simple bed frame. It makes a beautiful, functional, headboard that adds lots of character and interest.


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