Friday, June 1, 2012

Sea Bags for J.Crew

I get emails from J.Crew every few days and this image came in one of those emails recently:

Look familiar? It reminds me an awful lot of the nautical bags made out of recycled sail cloth that I blogged about here.

When I looked online, I found other bag designs including this fun one:

It's perfectly on-trend with it's stripes and neon brights. These bags would look great on the beach but also in the home. They can be a good-looking storage bin -- the perfect place to corral items (toys, magazines, that extra sock you dropped while carrying the laundry) and then bring them upstairs or down the next time you are going in that direction. I've mentioned before about displaying jewelry in the home. The same goes for bags. Why not use and enjoy something pretty?

1 comment:

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