Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tiffany's Bedroom

Earlier this week, I showed the updates we made to Tiffany's living room and kitchen. The next room to tackle was the bedroom. It is a large room with a bed and nightstands on one side and a dresser, tv and chair on the other. Here is the before photo:

Tiffany wanted to find a new dresser, replace the chair and do something with the empty wall space. The Paris image is from Ikea and is new to her room. We were interested in adding a few things to the wall, a smaller but still comfy chair and a lamp.

The whole room came together thanks to the trifecta of Target, Home Goods and Cost Plus World Market. Of course, I love Target and Home Goods but this was the first time I went to World Market and oh my was it fantastic. It's like a Home Goods/Pier 1 combo that is chock-full of great things from  furniture and lamps to food and accessories. The nearest location to Philadelphia is about 3 hours away and I'm definitely thinking of making a trip there. It was that good.

While at Target, we found this floor pouf and thought it would make a great ottoman. We didn't buy it, though, since we wanted to find a chair first and what are the chances that we could find the perfect chair for it?

But the next stop was World Market and there it was.

It's a dining chair but it is comfortable, sleek, not too large, and the perfect color to go with Tiffany's bedding. And best of all, it would work with that floor pouf!

When we went back to Target to get our ottoman, we also picked up a tripod lamp. Since the new chair was much narrower than the old chair, we had room to fill and thought that a floor lamp would create a reading nook and make the space feel cozier.

A mirror from Home Goods, pillow from World Market, and basket and decorative frames from Target helped complete the look. We didn't find a dresser but Tiffany is still on the lookout for one. Even with the old dresser still in place, we both feel really good about the changes that were made. Here's how it all came together:

Our goal was to not just create an area that looked good but one that she would want to sit in and enjoy. The shallow basket is big enough to hold both fresh flowers and a beverage. The plate next to the basket showcases some of Tiffany's sparkly necklaces. I like the idea of using jewelry in home decor. Why store away pretty things?

So all in all, a success! It's amazing what some creative rearranging and a few purchases can do to a space. 

It was so much fun working on this with Tiffany. I love shopping for home decor and styling spaces but this was even more fun than usual since I was doing it with a fabulous friend. Now back in my own home, I keep looking around and thinking about the artwork I want to hang and changes I want to make here. Lots of ideas but I need the motivation to start.  Maybe I'll have to convince Tiffany to come out here and tackle this project with me!


floor pouf, tripod lamp, basket and decorative frames from Target


  1. I LOVED reading your posts about redecorating Tiffany's rooms. You did a great job and I found the whole process really interesting. I will have to enlist your services once we are officially settled somewhere!! Becca

  2. Yay! Thanks, Bec. It was so much fun to do. So glad you enjoyed reading about it, too!


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