Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pinterest and Painters Tape

I'm late to the game in discovering Pinterest but like everyone else, I'm already hooked. 

One of my favorite things about it is the way the pins get grouped together. The way they are arranged sparks even more inspiration. For example, wouldn't these three look wonderful together as a series?

I'm most excited by them, though, since I think that they could be an easy painting project for a novice who is trying to add artwork to their home. The image on the right might be a bit more challenging, but the other two images could be a simple and fun project with the use of painters tape.

To create the center image, start with a white canvas and stick strips of painters tape in a pattern of your choosing on top. Paint the rest of the canvas in any color palette. The vibrant multi-colors shown here work great but so would tonal colors for something more understated or soft pastels for a beach-y look or even off-whites and creams for a sophisticated look. When you are finished painting, remove the tape to reveal evenly spaced white lines around each of your shapes.

The image on the left side would take a bit longer to make but it is just as easy. Before you begin, decide how wide you want your stripes to be and then buy painters tape in that width. (2" wide, for example, would make a nice width.) Now starting along one side, tape a long strip down the entire length of your canvas. Next, tape another long strip down the canvas but make sure that the two strips of tape are just touching each other (no overlapping). If you want the staircase look as shown here, then use two pieces of tape inside each vertical strip. Continue this until your whole canvas is covered in tape. Once that is finished, simply lift up a strip and paint it. The painters tape will give you nice and clean straight lines. When one area is dry, simply put another piece of tape over it so that the color you place next to it will have just as clean and straight of a line, too. Keep going until all of the strips are painted.

Wouldn't a collection of paintings like this look great look great behind a neutral color couch? So bright and fun and a great way to add your own personal touch and paint brush to your space!

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