Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chalkboard Project: A telephone inspired by Boden

Back in August, Jillian posted here about home accessories inspired by Boden's Fall catalog. Pretty patterns, bright colors, and quirky items were featured throughout, but it was a polka dot telephone that inspired this DIY project.  

I was fortunate to find the perfect vintage telephone from Nannygoat Antiques at September's Clover Market

And then I set to work making my own version.

I think a lot of patterns would have worked really well for this project, but I had been itching to use this gray polka dot pattern from Dwell Studio's fabric line in my decor, so I ordered a swatch. 

The scale was a bit too big for my little phone, so I photocopied it to reduce the size. Once I found the version that worked best, I made a bunch of color copies. I tore the photocopies into little pieces of paper and glued them to the phone in a random pattern using a container of Mod Podge and a couple of 1-inch foam brushes.

Since I like my projects to look a little more imperfect than my inspiration image, I overlapped the polka dots and made sure to expose the ripped edges of the paper. After covering the entire phone, I sealed it with an extra coat of glue.

Voila! A funky, patterned, vintage telephone. All inspired by Boden


images from top to bottom via Boden, The Pink Chalkboard, Fabric.com, and The Pink Chalkboard

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