Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tied Up With String

It all started with this string...yarn actually. Walking through ACMoore one day, I spotted it at the end of an aisle and scooped it up. I consider myself to be a bit crafty but don't have any idea how to knit. I do however, like to give gifts, and decided that this unique yarn would make a lovely ribbon for a special gift. 

Paired with a couple of spiral-bound notebooks and a pen from Muji (one of Jillian's favorite stores), and a Merci greeting card from Richie Designs (one of my favorite Etsy sellers), this little collection is so sweet in its simplicity. 

Sometimes all it takes is a curated collection of a few beautifully-designed items—tied up with lovely string—to make a big impact. And just the right way to say thank you.  


all images by The Pink Chalkboard

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