Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chalkboard Project: Making a Message Board

Years ago, I acquired a large, white Pottery Barn frame. It was nice and big but the glass was broken so instead of using it as picture frame, I decided to turn it into a cork board. I bought a pack of cork squares and taped them in place. It was an easy project and one that led to a really useful pin board (prior to Pinterest, of course). Here it is in my apartment a few years ago:

But when I moved, I wanted something new and fresh for the laundry room. The room is bright green (a cheerful color in the hopes that a vibrant, happy shade would make doing laundry more fun) and the appliances are white. I thought the addition of black and white patterns would give the space some personality and tie it in to the rest of the downstairs.

I found these fabrics at Ikea and chose the one on the left for my message board. I'm hoping to use the stripe fabric in the future as a skirt for the laundry room sink.

I could have cut out the fabric perfectly and glued it in place but I was impatient so I just folded the fabric to size and pinned it in place using T-pins.

Then I started pinning things up and the project was done. Hooray for a quick project -- and one that can easily be changed out for a different fabric and new look at any time.

Happy pinning!

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