Friday, July 8, 2011

Philadelphia Design Awards

Recently we went to the reception for AIGA Philadelphia Design Awards 2008-2010. Philadelphia is ripe with design talent and it was exciting to see all of that great design in one place.

Isn't the logo above incredible too? Designed by Michele Cooper of Cooper Graphic Design, she was also responsible for putting together an amazing book that comprised the work of all of the winners.

As we entered the exhibit, this quote written by AIGA Philadelphia's Chapter President 2009-2011, Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel, was in the entryway:

It's no mystery that Philadelphia is brimming with talented designers and artists of all types. In this second installment of the Philadelphia Design Awards or, more affectionately, PDA, we are thrilled to celebrate the staggering skill that seems to exist on every street of this great city. This impressive collection of local talent rivals the work coming from any city across the globe. If that sounds like a challenge, perhaps it is... we are, after all, the city famous for hosting a little thing called The Declaration of Independence. We're not afraid to show you what we're made of!
ADRIAN: Why do you wanna fight?
ROCKY: Because I can't sing or dance.
But, he probably would have made one hell of a designer. It's in our blood.

So inspiring and a fitting beginning for a great show. Here are some of our favorites from that night.

First up are the posters. Each are so different, yet all graphic and bold.

Wilco Wilmington
Dustin Summers, Jason Kernevich

Matteo Bologna Poster
Kelly Holohan

WHYY Posters
Dan Shepelavy (A.D.), Stephen Penning
Brendan Quinn, Writer

We are big fans of typography and appreciate the impact that simple words and letterforms can make. The WHYY posters above are a great example and so is this:

SVA Interactive Poster
Dustin Summers, Jason Kernevich

Here is amazing identity work with tons of thoughtful details -- one of our most favorite pieces in the show.

Dutch Huff Photography Identity
Martin Duffy

Clever logos

Kradel Design
Symbol designating support of the AIGA Philadelphia Paid Internship Pledge
Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel

Retrothreads Logo
Steve DeCusatis

The product design seen below had us both smiling. It's called the Optimism Chair for Design Within Reach. We'll be featuring this project and the print ad campaign supporting it in an upcoming post. Stay tuned for that!

Optimism Chair
Darryl Cilli (A.D.), Adam Garcia

And finally, as packaging lovers, no exhibit is complete without a witty shopping bag. Love the use of the bag handle here.

Rolls and Bowls Takeout Bag
Stephen Penning (A.D.)
Kelly Dorsey

Great design from an amazing city. For more information about this event and AIGA Philadelphia, you can visit this website and in the coming weeks you'll find wrap up information here and here.

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