Monday, July 11, 2011

Jersey goodness

Last week, while driving to New Jersey to buy massive amounts of blueberries from Haines Berry Farm, I passed by this farm stand on my way home.

I love farmer's markets and this one was not only big but it also had some great signage.

I know that's not the typical "design-y" signage that we write about on this blog but the hand-painted signs and big, graphic fruits were just so appealing that I had to pull over.  (Plus they reminded me of this print that I posted about back in June.)

I find the fruits and vegetables at farm stands to be both tasty and graphically interesting. Gorgeous color inspiration for paint colors and room furnishings.

Even the baskets are cool.  Centsational Girl posted recently about using wine barrels as side tables (see them along with her beautiful outdoor cabana here). Farm baskets would be just as nice as side tables or even as good-looking and functional storage.

These little baskets filled with fruit would make great table centerpieces. Small potted plants or herbs would be adorable in them, too.

Tasty and pretty treats for you and your home.  Just a farmer's market visit away!

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