Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mirror Gallery

Back in June, I wrote this post about layering mirrors in a cluster. If the clustered look is too busy for your taste, I think a gallery layout is really impactful--clean and simple. I think painting all of the frames in the same color is key here.

image via Martha Stewart

For an even cleaner look, Wisteria sells this single mirror which consists of multiple small mirrors that are all attached in a grid. So sparkly and elegant.

image via Wisteria

I still love the idea of layering mirrors but until I gather enough to create that look, here is my version of a mirror gallery on a skinny column in our apartment. I have been collecting mirrors with funky frames and painting them orange.

image by The Pink Chalkboard

It is a way for me to make a big impact in a very small area. Have you tried something like this in your home?

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