Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lisa Congdon's collections

Earlier this week, I posted about pretty back to school supplies and I just came across this print on 20x200 that is very much in keeping with that theme.

Day 1: Vintage Erasers

After finding this vintage erasers print, I read about Lisa Congdon's challenge to herself to photograph, draw or paint a work of art every day for a full year.  By grouping similar items together, she has transformed her personal collections into total eye candy.

Day 256: Vintage Airline Tags

Day 260: Baby Doll Hands

Day 114: Dice

What a great way to highlight special mementos.  It's a way to elevate even the most commonplace items to a work of beauty.

This could be a DIY project, too.  Just gather similar items (concert tickets, stamps, buttons, etc) and neatly arrange them in a frame or shadow box.  Ikea's Ribba frames are the first that come to mind, but any art supply store or big box store would probably have them, too.

What a fun way to decorate...and to clean out a junk drawer at the same time!

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