Monday, June 13, 2011


After seeing this post, Mindy realized that the first Angela Adams rug shown in the post is somewhat similar to a rug I have in my home -- the Avalisa bubble wool rug.  I bought it in blue/brown for my son's room when he was first born.

Had he been a girl, I would have gone with the pink/brown one.  Aren't the colors great?

In perusing the Avalisa website recently, I came across some fine art that they do as well.  This purple allium reminds me of the bubble rugs.  In fact, there is another rug called the wonder wool rug that is similar to the bubble one but with smaller scale circles.  It's offered in purple, too, which would make an amazing pairing with this piece of art:

The name of this print (rainbow kiss) is just as sweet as the image itself.

Years ago, I saw really large prints like these paired next to each other and framed in a playroom.  I instantly fell for them and still think there is something so simple, graphic and kind of cool about these sitting side by side, dominating a room.

apple and pear (sold separately)

Pear graphics get me every time but "paired" (ha ha) next to a graphic red apple?  Perfection.

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