Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Leslie's Office

I'm finally getting around to showing photos from a project I worked on a few months ago. My friend, Leslie, has a gorgeous home filled with amazing built-ins. Her kitchen opens up to a great room, a casual dining space and an office area.

Say hello to the before shot of Leslie's office.

Leslie knew that the area had lots of possibilities but since the area opened up to other areas of the house, she needed it to be a fully-functioning office space and something that looked pretty. So I stepped in to help. Leslie decluttered and I went shopping for pretty baskets and decorative items to pull the space together.

Between Home Goods, Target and Staples, these are the items I gathered.

I know it seems like a lot, but I like to buy up anything that I think may work since it's hard to really know for sure which items will work best in the space.

The woven baskets were the starting point for me. Miscellaneous cords, spare cds, and various other desk items went in a basket on the shelf. Items not needed as often (like some thin cookbooks and miscellaneous papers) went in the shelving display up top. The rest of Leslie's cookbook collection got split up into smaller groups so they looked more like decoration. 

Here's the end result.

A piece of art and a pretty vase that Leslie already owned helped the area look more decorative and not as office-y.

Extra papers went in matching brochure holders and the corkboard got covered with faux bois wrapping paper

The section up top is accessible storage but it needed to look good more than anything else. A touch of silver and some ceramic pots were brought in to balance out the woven baskets. I was excited about the way I was able to use some of Leslie's books throughout, too, especially her dictionary. Look on the far left of this photo – I flipped the dictionary around to expose the pages. The white and red flecked pages (a little tough to see in this photo) worked perfectly with the red built-in. 

To add a little more organization, I made a corkboard out of an old frame. More to come on that next week.

And that's her new office space. Functional, organized and pretty, too.


all photos by The Pink Chalkboard

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