Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blanca Gomez

While Jillian was falling for these happy watercolors last week, I was discovering another artist, Blanca Gomez. I was browsing some galleries on House & Home's website (one of my favorite, all-time inspiration sources!) and the image below quickly became a favorite find. 

I love how this photo is styled—it makes me want to buy everything pictured. The books, the tray, the artwork...especially that sweet illustration hanging in the center.

After a little bit of research, I found Blanca Gomez's Etsy site—an amazing treasure trove full of darling prints!

Not surprisingly, this one ended up in my shopping cart.

I think it hits the right note of restrained color and I'm simply delighted. 

Oh, and here is another detail I wanted to mention! Did you notice the yellow tape in my inspiration image?

It is actually vinyl tape, and is available in lots of fun colors and sizes. 

According to 3M, this tape allows for clean removal. Does that mean it won't damage freshly-painted walls? I hope so! I look forward to finding out since a role is only $4.99 on amazon. Worth a shot, don't you think? This color looks like fun!


top image via House & Home
all other images from Cosas Minimas via Etsy

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