Monday, April 15, 2013

Anthropologie's Products and Styling

Over the weekend, I stopped by Anthropologie.  I always find their whole store inspiring, especially their styling and displays.

Take these bottom shelves for example.

So many fun items. The phrase "bits and bobs" from Mindy's last post come to mind. Things like pom pom push pins or colorful sticky notes.

A comfy chair and desk piled high with journals and hand-painted letters make little nooks throughout the store. Do you see the old cup sitting on the desk? Someone had obviously just made themselves very much at home in this spot.

And then there is this detail. It's quite common on dessert tables to see large glass vessels filled with candy, but I think this could work as an interesting styling detail in the home. 

This vessel was filled with little pastel mints, but big, one-color gum balls would be great, too. Fill the bottom third or so with candy and then use the rest of the vessel to show off holiday cards, birth announcements or any upcoming party invitations you receive.

Have you been inspired by any store's styling moments lately? If so, please share!

P.S. See the happy birthday cards? That's for you, Becca! Have a happy day.

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