Friday, April 12, 2013

Alphabet Bags & Little Pouches

A long time ago, I wrote this post about Alphabet Bags. The picture below is a little reminder of how cute they are. 

Things at Alphabet Bags just got a whole lot cuter though, with their latest addition—little canvas pouches featuring great graphics and typography. Feast your eyes on these!

That bright pink heart is so sparkly but I think it would be such a treat to go searching in my bag for lip gloss and find it in this bits & bobs pouch. I mean, it's just so darling! These cuties seem like something Becky Bloomwood would have enjoyed in the Shopaholic book series (she probably would have bought them all!), and that thought just makes me happy.

Wishing you a great weekend! And don't forget that the first Clover Market of 2013 is this Sunday. Hope to see you there!


Images via Alphabet Bags

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