Friday, March 1, 2013

Muji's Mini Cities

Jillian first introduced me to Japanese department store Muji a few years back, and I've since been obsessed with shopping there every time we're in New York (and even Paris!).

Each time, I stand and stare at these little cities in a bag.

I have yet to purchase one, though, because I'm just not sure how to display it. As much as I love these special little cities, they could easily get lost or look cluttered when displayed on bookshelves.

That is, until now.

Simplicity is the key in this marvelous display, and it is exactly the kind of look I want to try. I love that the wood ledge matches the wood pieces. Everything blends together a bit but you still see the silhouette of this little world. Pretty magical!

OK Muji, here I come! I'm not going to let this pass me by again!

P.S. If anyone from Muji happens to read this post, please open a store in Philly! We could use a dose of your design-goodness. And I think you might like it here a lot, too :)


top image via Hello Bauldoff
bottom image from Est Magazine via Emmas Design Blogg

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