Wednesday, March 6, 2013

BHG bedroom

Isn't it funny how the magazines you read change through the years? As a teenager, I was a loyal Seventeen reader and then one day moved on to YM. Remember that one? I remember thinking that I would never outgrow that. I definitely did.

Then it was Lucky, Domino and Blueprint. And now it's HGTV Magazine and Better Homes and Gardens. Inspiration and good ideas are all over the web these days but it's still nice to have a magazine in your hands and come across a pretty picture complete with clever ideas.

Take this, for example, from Better Homes and Gardens March 2013 issue:

At first glance, it seems pretty basic but when you look closer, there are some great ideas here.

1. A pretty sconce is placed low down at a more appropriate level for this low bed. When your bed (or couch or chair) is low, it makes sense for your lighting to be low, too.

2. Wallpaper adds a pop of color and when cut to the width of the bed, it looks like an extension of the headboard. Many perks to doing this – added impact with less commitment (versus wallpapering an entire room) and by using less wallpaper, it's also a cheaper option.

3. The side table is my favorite thing here. It's a ceramic pot filled with stones and topped with beveled glass. Again, the low and wide shape of the pot works well with the bed but it's practical, too. Use this now and when you tire of the shape or color, move it outdoors as a planter.

What magazines have you been reading? Have you picked up any interesting ideas from them like this ceramic pot turned side table? If so, please share!

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