Monday, February 11, 2013

Luli Sanchez

Lourdes (Luli) Sánchez's home was recently featured on Design*Sponge. Looking through her work, I found a lot that I liked and was surprised to see many felt familiar to me. Perhaps it was the watercolors or the abstract quality, but they kept reminding me of other works I've seen and have featured here before.

See what I mean? Reminiscent, but certainly special in their own right. See more of Lourdes Sánchez's work here.


from top:
Lourdes Sánchez's #13 in the paintings gallery and Land of Nod's Fall Foliage Wall Art
Lourdes Sánchez's #18 in the abstract gallery and Günther Förg's Aller Retour (featured on The Pink Chalkboard here)
Lourdes Sánchez's #14 in the dots gallery and Britt Browne's Dots (featured on The Pink Chalkboard here)

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