Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Günther Förg

One of the things I like best about blogging is that while researching content for posts, I often come across artists that I haven't heard of before. Artists like Michelle ArmasFamille Summerbelle, Jennifer Sanchez, and now, Günther Förg.

Last week I wrote about a room that used small frames of Günther Fö rg's art grouped together for a big impact. When researching Fö rg, I found more of his artwork (and a completely different style) like these beauties:

Hello, DIY.

This is totally doable with a bunch of leftover paint or some pastels. The image on top is my favorite. It looks to me like little test swatches of paint but by having so many so close together, it all looks intentional. Do it at home then frame it in a gold or silver frame to elevate the look and make it seem like a professional work of art!


names unknown
source for top image
source for middle image
source for bottom image

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