Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chalkboard Project: My Bar Cart

The living/dining space in our apartment is just one big room with the kitchen in one corner, and a column just opposite the counters and refrigerator. It's a lovely little kitchen, but we do not have much counter space and serving drinks when entertaining can get a little tricky. Enter the bar cart. I just love  this trend and decided that the space just in front of the column would be a perfect spot. I hope a fancy bar cart is in our future one day, but I spotted this metal TV stand (from the '70's I'm sure) at a garage sale for $7, and thought it would be a good start.

It was a bit bland for sure, yet sturdy, and those gold speckled wheels hinted at things to come. So, with an investment of $10 in spray paint, I set about transforming this charmless TV stand into a hip little bar cart. 

First, I primed the cart with gray Krylon Stain Blocking Primer/Sealer. Next, I sprayed the three trays with Rustoleum's Protective Enamel in glossy black. After they dried, I wrapped each tray and sprayed the handles and hardware around the wheels my favorite Rustoleum Metallic Gold. This is the same brand of paint that I used for my gold ball jars and I just have to say, this color is fantastic!

After several coats of gold paint, I unwrapped the trays and wheels, and sprayed the entire piece with several coats of Rustoleum's Crystal Clear Enamel. Since we were going to serve drinks on this piece, I wanted to prevent the painted surface from chipping. And, I loved the extra touch of gloss from this paint. 

Voila! A bar cart for under $20. 

A little investment with a lot of impact and perfect for parties! Super easy to recreate for yourself, too. 


all images by The Pink Chalkboard

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