Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Image That Keeps On Giving

I love when a page in a catalog is chock-full of pretty things and interesting ideas. Take this page, for example, from Land of Nod's latest catalog.

The glitzy doilies were the first thing to catch my eye but as I looked longer, I found more things that I liked. Here is a breakdown of the things I like most on this image that just keeps on giving.

1. glitzy doilies
They look like they were doused with silver glitter, possibly sprayed silver, too? Such an easy (and inexpensive) way to add some shimmer and texture to a wall.

2. gold lamp
It's small but perfect in that space as the focal point of the bed. I like how graceful the curve is.

3. white lights
A string of white lights hung and gathered like a curtain. It feels festive but even during non-holiday times when it is turned on, the room would feel warm and cozy.

4. fabric garland
An alternative to paper buntings, this is simple, graphic and modern.

I always enjoy looking at the styling of catalogs for ideas of things to do in my own home. Land of Nod just does it so well!

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