Friday, August 24, 2012

Sweet as Sugar

I first posted about the design and letterpress company Sugar Paper a couple of weeks ago, here, and just received the greeting cards that I ordered. I must confess that I am completely smitten with their work!

Just take a look at the thought and care put into this packaging goodness.

Handwritten thank you notes accompanying your order are definitely the way to go, and this sweet little note was written on really nice, thick card stock with scalloped edges. Attached (with a gold paper clip!) is one of their tiny letterpressed business cards which is so sweet, especially because the edges are printed in the same pale pink as the type on their cards. Oh my goodness, I just love little details like that!

Yet another thank you card was included on top of the assortment that I ordered, and wrapped in a simple, white grossgrain ribbon. Seriously, so simple, sweet and perfect.

And that's just the packaging...the greeting cards themselves are sensational!

You see why I am in design heaven, right?

I ended up purchasing a bunch of You're Awesome and Happy For You cards this time but I think some Yay's and My Bestie cards are in my future. How can I resist hot pink envelopes lined with gold polka-dotted paper?

I am so excited to send out these lovelies!! Thank you, Sugar Paper. You're awesome!


images by The Pink Chalkboard

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