Monday, June 11, 2012

Top Picks: Wisteria

I don't know about you, but I get lots of home decor catalogs in the mail each month. As I come across items I like, I tear out the pages. This usually amounts to one or two pages a month. But every now and then, a catalog comes along that knocks my socks off and it's page after page of things that I want. How to keep track of all of that fabulousness? A new series called Top Picks.

What I like best about these items from Wisteria is that they all look unique and very uncatalog-like. Just what I'm looking for when I'm buying things for my home.


1. Treasured Sage Chinese Console
2. Honeycomb Mirror
3. Raised Shallow Bowl
4. Colorful Fold Art Flock
5. Handpainted Basket Shelves
6. Diamond Pattern Stool
7. Oil and Wine Jar
8. Colorful Wooden Tray

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