Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Feeling Federal

What do you think of this mirror?

To be honest, I did not like this Federal style mirror up until a few months ago. Ornate pieces with eagle ornaments just never attracted me. But, it has been making a weekly appearance in my life, thanks to ABC's Once Upon a Time. Yes, a piece just like this is the "Mirror, mirror on the wall" that belongs to the Evil Queen. I know it sounds crazy, but the mirror has really grown on me!

While it doesn't necessarily fit in with my own decor, it would work well at my mother's house. We recently spotted a small version at a house sale and I convinced my mom that she needed it. The picture below is very similar to what we found. 

Hers is a showing a bit of wear and tear, but that's something I can easily fix by repainting it. I can't decide whether it should be a bright gold or a little brassy.

And then, just a couple of days ago, we spotted two different versions of this mirror, used by designer Darryl Carter, in the June issue of Elle Decor

It seems that Mr. Carter also likes to use these mirrors for himself! Take a look at the designer, photographed in his home by Patricia Lyons:

I am just loving this mirror in black, so maybe that's the way to go!

What do you think? Are you feeling federal, too?


images of David Morey's home by Simon Upton via Elle Decor
image of Darryl Carter by Patricia Lyons via her blog

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