Thursday, June 21, 2012

Paris Flea Market (part two)

As I mentioned yesterday, the Paris Flea Market has so many amazing things to offer, but one store is my absolute favorite. 

Welcome to Quintessence Playground. This shop really is a playground for people who love interior design and home accessories. There are lots of large scale pieces here, like the globe pictured above and the barrels below. The store is two stories and the barrels are stacked high along the open stairwell. It is quite dramatic. 

This Eiffel Tower is one of my favorite things in the store. It's enormous! I think it would be a really great prop in a store here in the States. (Dear Anthropologie, you should buy this!)

I think it is cool to see American things in foreign countries, especially antique stores. So we snatched a photo of these messenger bags stamped with U.S.A. In yesterday's post I included a couple of photos with California Republic and American flags. 

I had also mentioned how much I appreciate the way stores at the Flea Market display their merchandise. Quintessence Playground is one of the best. I love how these antique keys are displayed on this coffee table. Placing them together in small groups on red panels really makes them pop against the table's distressed wood. 

This table setting is gorgeous. I love all of the white plates and vessels complemented by the large pieces of white coral. Did you notice that the surface of the distressed wood table is the American flag?

The photo below features a collection of scientific beakers. They are really tall and make such an unexpected arrangement. The pink flowers are actually ceramic and add a nice touch of color and texture.

This is the kitchen area of the store and I just love how it is styled. I want this Tom Ford book in my kitchen, too. Random, but very cool. (We photographed this space in black and white because we loved the Instagram effect and in reality this space actually is all black and white).

Here is another table setting that I really liked. The oversized wicker pendant light is very dramatic. And did you see this table? I love it! Perfectly distressed. The items on top are so unusual and interesting.

I wanted to show the benches on both sides of the table, too. They are lightly distressed and upholstered in linen which is screen printed with some graphic letters. This is such a great look. We saw a lot of items upholstered in linen all over the market, a look that it is so clean and comfortable.

Well, that ends my wrap-up of Paris and our visit to the Flea Market! If you are interested in exploring more from Quintessence Playground, you can visit their website here. Also, The New York Times has an interesting article here, with lots of information about the Flea Market. It's definitely worth a read before you begin your adventure. Happy shopping!

Quintessence Playground
14 rue Paul Bert
93400 Saint Ouen, France


Instagram images via The Pink Chalkboard

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