Friday, June 22, 2012

Land of Nod's Institute of Art

I've mentioned before about how validating it is to see things that we've previously blogged about later popping up in our favorite catalogs. It's just happened again with Land of Nod!

This time it's in the Nod Institute of Art, a collection of limited edition prints by some of Land of Nod's favorite artists. One of their favorites is one of mine, too -- Michelle Armas (featured back in November on The Pink Chalkboard here).

Then there are others that have similar styles to artists we already know and love. This one by Julia Rothman reminds me of Kate Bingaman Burt's fun prints.

And this print by Inaluxe made me think of Rex Ray.

But perhaps best of all is that Nod's Institute of Art has introduced me to new artists that I will be looking into more now like Fine Little Day

and Amber Alexander.

And though these prints are available at Land of Nod, they certainly aren't just for kids rooms or playrooms. They could go anywhere in the home. I particularly would like to see Amber Alexander's Turkey Feathers really, really big and featured in the living room over a couch. Graphic and artful, pretty and simple, these feathers would make such a statement in a super large scale.

Hurry over to Nod's Institute of Art to see much more and make some purchases. Prints are in limited editions so get them while you can!

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