Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chalkboard Project: Dry Erase Board

I'm a list-maker. Always have been, always will. I fill up pages upon pages in the Notes section of my iPhone and am constantly emailing myself to-do lists.

But I noticed recently that in spite of my wonderful lists, I had been forgetting to do things. I decided that instead of just typing lists on my phone, I needed to actually see my list each day. I decided to create my own dry-erase board.

Using a frame that I already owned (and one that made an appearance in Channa's photo shoot, too), I placed green and white patterned paper in the frame, bought a dry erase marker, and voila -- a big, look-at-me-every-day to do list!

I know I'm calling this a Chalkboard Project but I actually debated that title. It's really too easy to be called a Project -- just put a pretty piece of paper in a frame and you're done.

Turns out the dry-erase board isn't just for me now either. My husband has taken to leaving notes for our kids -- for our 2 year old son, "finish handsome men's club application" and for our 6 month old daughter, "maintain cuteness".


images via The Pink Chalkboard

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