Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Terrain in Westport

Last week, I was in Connecticut for a few days and my trip there just happened to coincide with the opening of Terrain in Westport. What a treat it was to be there! Filled with gorgeous plants, decor, furnishings, and much more, Terrain is one of those places where you want to spend hours looking and re-looking at everything. I get so much inspiration there.

Using chairs as wall art isn't customary, but if you have high ceilings and need storage, this works. The rope used to hang them added to the look and the set of three made it intentional.

Using barn doors as decor is another good idea. It looks nice here filling the very tall wall space, but you can get a similar look by just leaning a barn door against a wall in your home. These doors can be used as is or if you are planning on painting a door (like the one here on the far right) why not make it even more functional by painting it with chalkboard paint. Pink chalkboard paint perhaps?

Or if using a door outside, stagger potted plants up it.

Terrain has lots of pretty chairs for both indoors and out. This photo doesn't do this chair justice, but the mix of materials, in particular the burlap on the sides of the chair, really makes this chair something special.

And while this car wasn't actually part of Terrain, it was parked right outside and I just had to include it.

I mean, just look at this face! So adorable.


images via The Pink Chalkboard

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