Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ceiling Medallions

While walking through Bloomingdales a few weeks ago, I spotted this -- ceiling medallions as wall art!

Isn't that a clever idea? I had been eyeing the ceiling medallions at Lowe's a few years back when I was looking at light fixtures. Old school, plaster medallions are super heavy but the ones at Lowes are a very light plastic. They would be perfect for a project like this!

Here the medallions are backed with shiny silver paper but I would like to see them with mirrors or photographs inside. And while the white color looks great as is, these could easily be spray painted a different color (or metallic) for a completely different look.

When it comes to hanging these, consider layering a few of them as they did here for added interest. Mindy has written about the beauty of layering frames. The same thing applies here!


images via The Pink Chalkboard

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