Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Pop of Color

While sitting in the waiting room at a doctor's office lately, I was flipping through a magazine called All You and came across a fabulous idea. Check out this door:

The bright green color is instantly happy but take a look at the edge of the door -- that's painted, too, and in a bold, look-at-me color. Isn't that clever?

I really like the look of painted doors inside the home (like Jenny's yellow door) but the colorful edging on this green door makes even more of a statement. For a while now, I've been thinking about edging this canvas:

The photo here is from the photo shoot we did with Channa. The canvas typically hangs in my gray and yellow bedroom. I'm still loving that combo but a few months ago, I added the Design*Sponge book to the top of my dresser and I'm really enjoying the addition of an orange/coral color into the mix.

I'm not going to add too much of it to the room, but I have been considering painting the edges of my canvas to match the color of the book. In a room full of gray, yellow, black and white, it would be just enough of that orange-y color to add interest. I like that it won't be too matchy-matchy but I think it will make the room look more pulled together. Kind of like home decor's version of red lipstick.

So I'm officially adding this to the long mental list of projects I want to do. Whether edging a door or a canvas, it's a fun and unexpected way to bring a pop of color to your home!


canvas image:
photography by Sarah DiCicco
paper products by Lily My Love
styling by Lily My Love and The Pink Chalkboard

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