Friday, March 23, 2012

Delectable Desserts

It is hard not to be tempted by these delicious-looking desserts from the Delectable series, but don't be fooled.  These "desserts" are actually handmade works of art by Philadelphia-based artist Ed Bing Lee. Each soft sculpture is comprised of thousands and thousands of knots, and the tension in these knots creates the shape of each piece. From a cupcake's sprinkles to ice cream swirls, right down to the cherry on top, the detail in Mr. Lee's work is extraordinary.

cupcake: sprinkles

hot fudge sundae II

ice cream II 

lemon meringue pie

mini cupcake

The Delectable series actually includes lots of yummy comfort food like popcorn, hot dogs, and cheeseburgers...but my favorites are the desserts. Click here to view the entire collection. You can even watch a video of Mr. Lee in action here.


all images via Ed Bing Lee; photography by Ken Yanoviak
additional information obtained from Artes Magazine and Flavorwire

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